Pizzo Calabro


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Where Pizzo Calabro is found

Pizzo Calabro is one of the rinomate citizens more of the vibonese, one splendid village on the coast, defended on a cape to the center of the Gulf of Sant' Eufemia. Bathing locality a lot known and, at the same time, center remarkable fishing boat, today, Pizzo Calabro, is one famous tourist, famous station for the splendid coasts and the mitezza of the climate. Equipped peak é also of numerous business activities them with tourist address. If it is wanted to be caught up in car, from the North of Italy, the A1 Milan-Naples is taken and it is continued covering the freeway A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria until the svincolo of Peak. In train there are very two stations that allow to arrive to Pizzo: that one of Lamezia Terme and that one of Vibo Valentia-Pizzo. The airport more close is that one than Lamezia Terme that tos be distant approximately 10 km from the center.

The History of Pizzo

Pizzo Calabro is risen, second the tradition, on the ruins of Napitia, colony founded from some Focesi. He came destroyed in the course of IV the century d.C. from one attack of the Saraceni but, the survivors, reconstructed it at the beginning of X the century. He was in 1363 that began the development of the village thanks to some monaci basiliani that constructed in the zone a monastero while, a group of coral binders, coming from from Amalfi, you built up the Church of Thanks, then become Church of the Carmelo. The active center began therefore to develop itself trades them of Pizzo of which, still, we see the beauties. Between the artisan activities we moreover signal a shipyard for the construction of boats and barges with ancient techniques, is still flourishing, the artisan activity of the ceramics. Pizzo Calabro is also a healthy seafaring center in which e' developed one flourishing industry for the conservation of the tonno. Particularly rinomata E' for the production of the valuable grape "zibibbo".

Pizzo and the Art

The city center offers of the colorful medioevali ends that are alternated to signorili villas of several ages. Absolutely to see they are the Church of Piedigrotta dug in tufo and the Church of Saint George Martire. This last one is one baroque church that conserve to its inside pregevoli scultoree works. Moreover, to visit, the castle of Pizzo constructed from Ferdinand of Aragon in the 1400, famous one because it came to you imprisoned Gioacchino Murat and that hour has been declared national monument.

The Events to Pizzo

The 23 You open them carries out the festivity of the patron: Saint George. The other manifestations of the village carry out nearly all in summer. They are from remembering: the Festival of the Sea, the Prize culture city of Pizzo and the Racing silk that keep all in full August. In the neighbor Vibo Valentia it can be assisted, in the month of March, to the festivity of the Saint patron Leoluca and, in the month of August, to the Racing silk of Diana.

The Nature to Pizzo

Pizzo Calabro is the first country that is met, coming from north, of the rinomata Coast of Of i. For the lovers of the nature they are sure from seeing the heights to terrace, with sight on the sea, of Pizzo, Vibo and Tropea. Moreover, of particular beauty, it is the local landscape that contrappone the green of the forests of the massive one of the Greenhouses, to the lambite gilded ones beach from the sea. There are also two important parks: that one of the Mongiana (regional park) and that one of Saint Greenhouse Bruno (forest park). Interesting is also the artificial lago of the Angitola with its microclimate.

Pizzo Calabro and the Kitchen

Pizzo Calabro, and all the territory that the locality encircles, offer the typical calabrian kitchen of quality, made with simple ingredients that they recall the tradition. In the localities of sea proposals come plates made up of fish that are transformed, when it addresses to us to the inside, in plates made up of fungi it cultivates to you and optimal salumi. The all flavored one, naturally, with as well as chili pepper, emblema of the Calabria, with its characteristics of conserving natural, disinfectant and, to how much are said, of aphrodisiac. To taste in the first plates they are the Fileja, paste made with by hand several meat gravies, and the Legane to the ceci. In the second plates the irreplaceable one is typical n' duja, meat of pig and lardo pasted with one great amount of piccante chili pepper, spalmabile yield. Moreover, to Pizzo, a good wine is produced and an optimal handicraft ice cream said "tartufo" and many are the restaurants that offer typical specialties marinare like the Spaghetti to the black one of small cuttlefish.